TGSI delivers its services on an end-to-end fiber optic platform enabling service providers and companies to transmit digital information and business applications over highly reliable, secure and cost-effective communication superhighways.

TGSI provides world-class data connectivity solutions over its dense fiber optic network, with access nodes strategically located within business districts, industrial and IT parks, data centers and main thoroughfares. Fiber facility is attached on distinct pole positions with apparent advantages on service availability and reliability, ensuring business continuity, virtually eliminating network interruptions.

TGSI remains to be the preferred Information and Communications Technology (ICT) enabler and business partner of the biggest names in the corporate market. Its solutions translate to operational efficiency and flexibity, supporting our clients’ present and future communications needs.

TGSI delivers a high-capacity and cost-efficient backhaul for broadband networks today and in the future. The increasing complexity of today’s and future networks require flexible and well-integrated microwave nodes. Building an efficient microwave backhaul network with end-to-end performance in mind, requires high node capacity, compact and modular building practice, advanced packet functionality and features that are aligned and backward-compatible across different network nodes. The microwave nodes also need to be capable of handling single hops as well as advanced hub sites for larger networks.

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