IP Telephony solutions for small and medium businesses (SMB’s). Telephone extensions for employees, inside or outside the office. PBX functionality. Call attendant. Extension to Cellular. Directory Integration. Remote worker. Use of hard phones, soft phones, smart phones and tablets, with one telephone number for all devices. Voice mail and messaging.


Video conferencing from any device. Connect Tele-presence stations in the office, video cams, video phones, iPhones and iPads. Simple join into the video conference over the web, or a simple Application with no software download. Conduct training over the IP network. Online meetings. Remote learning.


Connectivity inside and outside the office. Wireless infrastructure connectivity between buildings of the same campus. Wi-Fi inside and outside the premises. IP Telephony and video calls are rerouted over the Wi-Fi network with no disconnect. Wireless network allows access to any device from anywhere.


Users can use the latest office productivity tools such as Microsoft Word. Excel and PowerPoint, online and from any device, such as laptop, iPhone or iPad. SharePoint is used to allow employees to collaborate online for creating and editing documents. Data is always secured on the cloud, with automatic backup.


With virtual desktops and applications, users can access their windows desktop from Anywhere and on Any device. No more hassles with physical desktops. Users can be added or deleted in a matter of minutes and can be given immediate access to work applications. Data remains secure in the cloud or data center, with no fears of lost data or lost productivity in the case of a computer crash.

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