1.  Metro mesh is a wireless network topology that is gaining popularity in urban and suburban areas. Laptops, PDAs, IP phones and other wireless devices communicate with each other using standard Wi-Fi (802.11a and g) protocols


2.  The “Mesh” is a Layer-3 protocol that allows the network to be dynamic–automatically shifting users between radio bands on a common network as required by the environment. The Mesh Network Specialists of InfiNet Wireless implement seamless, metropolitan-scale mesh networks in order to bring innovative wireless services to municipalities wireless services such as:


• Mobile Internet access


• Residential and small business broadband Internet access


• Video surveillance


• Wireless meter reading


• Wi-Fi phone access


3. Bottom-Line Benefits for Municipalities Separate communities of users police, field workers, and even private citizens can operate independently, and securely, on a single segmented metro mesh network. In this way, a municipality is able to maximize the utility of its high- speed wireless mesh network and realize the greatest possible returns



Wireless Services for Public Transit

*TGSI is a leading provider of wireless services for public transit including wireless communications on commuter boats and rail lines.

*The public transit-based wireless services provided by InfiNet Wireless Metro Mesh offer benefits to cities, towns, and citizens that are unavailable from any other source.

*A Metro Mesh node is installed on the top of buildings within the City area and provides coverage to the ground and into buildings.

*This makes it ideal for VoIP carriage and other time-sensitive traffic. As soon we assure continuous coverage we test the system up to 160 Km/h, so you can drive around the city and have continuous coverage without problems of connection.

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