PTP650 Connectorized Spare ODU (Radio Only, RoW)

March 5, 2019
PTP650 Connectorized Spare ODU (Radio Only, RoW)


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PTP650 Connectorized Spare ODU (Radio Only, RoW)

Part # C050065B004A

The PTP 650 is a wireless backhaul radio for point to point applications.  This model replaces the PTP600.  The radio ships with either N-type female connectors to connect external antennas for long range wireless connectivity applications, or comes with a built-in, integrated antenna. The PTP650 radio will provide up to 450 Mbps aggregate throughput and operates in in the 4.9 GHz-6.05 GHz bands.  One of the many benefits of the PTP650 radio is the ability to increase bandwidth, via software upgrades, as the network demand increases.  The radios can be software upgraded from the factory default 125Mbps, to 250Mbps, or full capacity of 450Mbps.

The PTP650 Integrated radio is recommended for distances less then 2 miles, point to point.  The connectorized version of the PTP650, combined with any of the external patch, or dish antennas has a much longer extended range.  The lightning protection unit (LPU) is recommended.  The PTP650 also has optional security upgrades of both 128bit AES, and 256bit AES.

The small form factor, high reliability, high speed, and lower cost of the PTP650 make it one of the ideal choices for enterprise level point to point, and long range wireless Ethernet applications.  Contact GNS Wireless for more information.

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